Sunday, November 12, 2006

NY Times Kristoff is Killing Darfurians

The following is a response to Mr. Kristoff's piece today: Bandages and Bayonets in the New York Times November 12, 2006

Mr. Kristoff, you are killing Darfur.

You move us to tears which is good. Then you despicably misdirect our attention - to Bush, the UN, Rice ANYPLACE except to the only place rescuers, and the political will can be found - we-the-citizens.

What is it with you man? Is it blindness? Cowardice - afraid of offending your readers?

For God's sake man. Point the finger at us. 10,000-15,000 strangers risked their lives and that of their families and in the process saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust.

Today, when much less need be risked by we citizens in the west to save millions in Darfur from Genocide, not 10,000 here stand up and RISK A PRICE. Not 1000, not 100, not 10. I know of Eric Reeves at Smith College. He gives all of what is left of his life before Leukemia takes it. The rest of us forgo a Luxury for a day as you did.

Pitiful. And you Mr. Kristof help us get away with it day, after day, after....

Darfur is Dying Mr. Kristoff, and you are letting we-the-people remain "dead" in our smug complacency – helping us point our fingers away from ourselves to Bush.

POINT THE FINGER AT US Mr. Kristoff. Please.

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