Sunday, January 21, 2007

Darfur histrionics: N. Kristof continues his assault on Darfur

My God Mr. Kristof. Where the hell is your sense of proportion? Carwashes are an appropriate, heroic response to Genocide!?!?!??

Oh, I'm being too tough. Of course, if it were your wife and child in the camps you would be weeping for joy and gratitude for the unbelievable brotherhood, solidarity and sacrifice being shown by we weak and impoverished people of the US. Your are correct, it truely is incredible that we could find the money and the time to buy plastic wrist bands. But hey, we are Americans! And, this is Genocide! We pull out all the stops!

Geez Mr. K. Thanks for showing us the truth! Don't you think that fundraising should begin now in anticipation of the wall that should be added to the US Holocaust Museum for the "Righteous Among Nations" to go right alongside the Holocaust rescuers?

As you indicate, certainly there is an equivalent commitment today as during WWII:
* Then 10,000-15,000 risked their lives and those of their families to rescue strangers - Jews.
* Today, from the safety of our shores, we buy armbands and do carwashes.

God forgive you Mr. K for this murderous inflation you continue to foster. God forgive you.


Darfur: Car Washes and Genocide

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