Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Darfur Hunger Strike Day 35: To The Death or Resolution by June 30

Now is the time to end the Gencide - by June 30th. Darfur on Their Radar Screen, Washington Post. According to this article:

* Bush is furious at tepid sanction options and has called his staff for definitive ones.
* England has the Security Council in May.
* US has Security Council in June.
* Bush wants China to stop obstructing.

Just one problem. The citizens of the US have not given Bush 1/1000th of the mandate he needs. We've taken no risks and we are asking him to risk major political capital - his life. This is functionally, effectively and morally bankrupt on the part of we the citizens.

We all vote with our lives EVERY DAY! Like me most of my life we vote for bigger houses, better jobs, higher incomes, more DVD's, more reality TV, or Starbucks, more McDonald's, more Outback Steakhouse.... The elected officials see this and THIS is what the work on for us.


For the next 2.5 months you and I need to VOTE WITH OUR VERY LIVES, giving an unmistakable moral and political mandate to Bush to invest the full moral, political, diplomatic and financial capital of this country to rescue and lovingly restore the people of Darfur now.

I'm going to vote with my life - I'm laying my life on the line. Next Tuesday will be day 41 of my water only hunger strike in front of the Sudan Embassy on Embassy row in DC. On water only I've got only about 20 days left I figure. But on 600 calories per day I can last until the end of June. So April 10th I go on 600 cal / day and fast either to the death, or until I see:

1. An absolutely certain plan to end the atrocities in the works;
2. An absolutely certain plan to restore the people of Darfur FULLY to their lives, IN THE WORKS;

Death or 1 & 2, which ever come first. This is the best I know how to put Bush in the strongest moral and political position to take the risks he needs to take.

What are you going to do? Join me. Or LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE UNMISTAKEABLY some other way. Now. Do it.


dan burke said...

If you are concerned with the hunger and violence in Darfur and tired of waiting for the US, the UN, and the world community act, here are two things you can do right now:

Visit The Darfur Wall - - and donate one dollar to light a number on the wall. Join thousands of others in opposing the genocide.

Visit the Fidelity Out of Sudan website - - This divestment project is gaining speed. If we can make Fidelity divest it will make a real difference. You do not need to be a fidelity investor to participate.

Dan Burke, Director
The Darfur Wall

Start Loving said...


This is exactly the kind of mindless, feel good, time killing, Darfur killing crap that is responsible for the genocide. The blood of 450,000 is on your hands and mine for such putrid drivel.

Dan, this is the forth year of a genocide, not month one.

If you can tell me that if your dearest loved one were in the concentration camps, subject to torture and gang rape, that the only way to save him/her was to stop the genocide now, and that your comment above is what you would ask me to do to help... I owe you an enormous appology.

Otherwise, stop the double standard. Do unto others ALL that you would have them do unto you... OR SHUT UP, GET OUT OF THE WAY, AND DO NOTHING.

Your brother,

Start Loving