Thursday, May 31, 2007

Darfur Heroics: HRW "Create Darfur Oil Fund"

Rights groups asks UN to create Darfur oil fundReuters AlertNet, UK - 3 hours agoNEW YORK, May 31 (Reuters) - Human Rights Watch asked the UN Security Council on Thursday to create a fund using Sudanese oil revenues to help the country's Darfur region as part of its bid to force Khartoum to accept UN peacekeepers.

Sudan: HRW Letter to the UN Security Council On, Washington - 4 hours agoWe write to strongly urge the United Nations Security Council to take multilateral and decisive action to prevent the unacceptable human rights situation in Darfur from becoming worse and threatening the lives, homes, and security of tens of thousands ...

UN: Create Darfur Recovery Fund with Sudanese Oil RevenuesReuters AlertNet, UK - 4 hours ago(New York, May 31, 2007) - United Nations Security Council members should act decisively to protect civilians in Darfur by establishing a mandatory Darfur Recovery Fund with Sudanese oil revenues, Human Rights Watch said today.

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