Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Darfur Hideous: More Bush Lip Service

Bush Looks To Intensify Pressure On SudanBy Michael Abramowitz
Washington Post, May 29, 2007

LIP SERVICE. We-the-people, under the leadership of the timid, uncommitted, selfrighteous Save Darfur coalition, pay LIP SERVICE to Darfur. Bush and Congress see this, and give us LIP SERVICE in return, and we have no right to expect anything further. I can go into a Lexus dealership and try every trick in the book to get them to "give" me a car. They may be polite to me. But until I go in ready to "PAY THE PRICE," NO CAR! JUST LIP SERVICE is all I will get. Clearly, we-the-people prove day after day that WE WILL NOT PERSONALLY PAY THE PRICE TO STOP THIS GENOCIDE. Green wrist bands? YES! Banners on churches and busses? YES! Personal risk? NO!!! Personal inconvenience? NO!!!!! 21,000 non Jews risked self AND FAMILY to save Jews during WWII. We-the-people under the non-leadership of Save Darfur risk nothing, pay nothing, do nothing. Well, not surprisingly, the unstated response from Bush and Congress is the same as ours. LIP SERVICE. And, as we should expect, all we get from Al-Bashir and China is LIP SERVICE. God save us. IT IS TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE TO PAY THE PRICE. Start Loving, Day #90, Sudan Embassy Vigil, StandWithDarfurSudanEmbassy dot blogspot dot com.

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