Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Powerful Acts: An interview with Mia Farrow
By Joel Whitney

I told Kofi Annan:
"I'm not suggesting you douse yourself with kerosene. But you could resign."
[This gal gets it. Start Loving]

Guernica magazine’s Joel Whitney recently spoke with Darfur activist Mia Farrow about the role of the UN, China and the U.S. in the ongoing genocide in Sudan: Not everyone reads a grim news story and gets on a plane to head for a war zone. But not everyone is Mia Farrow. [click above link for full article.]

Finally, someone in addition to Eric Reeves that is paying the price to Rescue and Restore Darfur. Someone that sees the truth (her photos below) and relentlessly lives it and tells it. Her site:

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