Friday, July 20, 2007

Vigil for Darfur Day #141 Sudan Embassy DC

The best of times; the worst of times?

Have we ever been closer to the Rescue and Restore of Darfur? I don't think so:
  • Effective pressure on China bearing fruit
  • Powerful, humane leadership from France
  • al-Bashir acquiescing to France / US / UK / China pressure
  • "Lake Eire" being found under Darfur
  • The Elders being formed of Mandella, Tutu, Carter... and Darfur spoken of as a focus


Let's not take our eyes off the ball. In fact, let's step up efforts dramatically.

IF YOUR DEAREST WERE IN A DARFUR DEATH CAMP in this 5th year of genocide, when our token wrist bands, one day fasts, sporadic lobbying, etc. have been correctly read by Washington as lip service, WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO RESCUE AND RESTORE DARFUR - TO SAVE YOUR DEAREST? DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Personally, I don't know what is going on with my body. Literally I feel like I've forgotten how to walk. I'd have thought what with 9-12 hours per day marching for months now in front of the Sudan Embassy all the pain would be gone. Quite the opposite. I need to keep going with the Sudan Embassy Vigil for many, many more months. Mustn't quit until the Rescue and Restore is underway with certainty. I don't know how I can bear the pain in my feet, legs and hips much longer. How bad is the pain? Well, I was hit by a car this week, my head crushed the windshield, my body caved the hood, I was thrown back on the pavement with the tire stopping inches from my head, and that pain was nothing compared with the pain of each step I take most hours per day. Very frustrating.

Oh well. It is amazing what you can do out of Love. It isn't the pain I mind so much, as the worry that it will sideline me at this crucial juncture. Mustn't let that happen.

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