Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Mia Farrow offers Darfur exchange

US actress Mia Farrow has offered her freedom in exchange for that of a respected rebel figure in Sudan. Monday, 6 August 2007, 16:43 GMT 17:43 UK

Suleiman Jamous, a co-ordinator for Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA), has been confined to a UN peacekeeping base near Darfur for more than 13 months.

Although he needs urgent surgery, the 62-year-old faces arrest if he leaves.

In a letter to Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, Ms Farrow has offered to take his place, saying his continued absence was an "impediment" to peace.

"Before his seizure, Mr Jamous played a crucial role in bringing the SLA to the negotiating table and in seeking reconciliation between its divided rival factions," she said.


"I am therefore offering to take Mr Jamous's place, to exchange my freedom for his in the knowledge of his importance to the civilians of Darfur and in the conviction that he will apply his energies toward creating the just and lasting peace."

Farrow, who was once married to Frank Sinatra and later had children with Woody Allen, is a goodwill ambassador for Unicef, the United Nations' children's agency, and has visited Darfur twice.

Mr Jamous was originally airlifted from Darfur to the UN base in nearby Kadugli for medical treatment last June.

But he needs a stomach biopsy, which cannot be performed at the camp, and believes he will be seized as soon as he leaves.

Farrow's call to free Mr Jamous came just hours before eight of Darfur's rebel factions announced they had reached a common position and wanted "final" talks with Sudan's government.

He was one of two key rebel figures absent from the factions' negotiations.

The agreement follows last week's decision to send 26,000 UN and African Union peacekeepers to Darfur.

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