Saturday, August 11, 2007


[from a letter to an inquiring friend]

Hi beloved [friend.] Along with a 16 year old "angel" from New Haven Catholic Worker and the first genuine, non-hypocrite "Pastor / Priest" that maybe I've yet encountered (Steve Miller, and YES he's been "fired" from the church for non-hypocrisy[see today's posts]!) got out after 27 hours of jail after arrest at the White House for lying on the sidewalk still, dead, as a Nagasaki/Hiroshima victim. Photos and video of our actions this week - click here (and here for more background). Only posted so far are Pentagon (pictures like the one below) and DOE/Bechtel. White House and Archdiocese of the Military (THE MOST EVIL EVER COMBINATION OF WORDS?) will go up in the next day or so I'm sure if you check back on their site. (continued below)
If I have met only one living saint it may be Margaret McKenna pictured below, creator of Philadelphia's New Jerusalem. I've tried for maybe 8 years to meet her, and it never worked out. Now, we've been arrested together! Meet her. All of you, each of you, meet her. Know her. Help in her work. For yourself. She defines humility. She defines peace. She defines the presence of "God." She is completely non-dogmatic, profoundly agreeing (I perceive) as I told her I believed that "Loving" is the only true religion. She is maybe the closest encounter yet I have had of God; not a lot closer encounter than you beloved sister and several others have given me; and maybe not closer than my bio-father. Margaret must be known. She must be helped. SHE MUST BE LEARNED FROM. Tell her you are my sister, my "family." I've told her of you. i think she Loves me. (more below).

Not that it bothered me personally but the DC White House Arrest I've just been released from, and specifically how "the system" treats human beings (poor, defenseless, outside the "power structure," for parking tickets and the like - chains, shackles, pens, cages, sleep deprivation, toilet paper deprivation, food deprivation, water deprivation, 27 hour whimsical life/liberty/"human rights" deprivation...), dozens of us that I personally witnessed, is possibly the greatest inhuman evil that personally I've ever touched; evil I expect I cannot walk away from.

I don't mean to alarm you, and you know by now that often, OFTEN, early in hearing one of my "callings" I get Her intention wrong and do NOT move forward, but I've also promised to be honest with you and keep you informed. I'll be writing of my experience and plans over the next few days and will post on this and the Start Loving blog. As I sit here the morning after release, I find myself "Called" to violate the conditions of my release (8 hours community service; service I'll do anyway at a place I've long wanted to serve, CCNV, but not report that service and hence the "violation") and to their surprise and anger, re-present myself with total peace and respect to the officials of the system (part of my family) for re-arrest but now acting with complete and profound non-cooperation - being a piece of limp meat - complete non-cooperation with this consummately evil system of violence to our brothers and sisters. Gandhi and others are correct in saying that, "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good." And, as Oscar Romero predicted, "Those committed to the poor must share the same fate as the poor."

About 15 years ago a premonition swept over me that I would be homeless. I was living in "my" $500k West Chester house that I built on Cloverly Road at the the time. TA-DA! A year or so ago I had a similar premonition, but this time that I would die, murdered by the system for non-cooperation with evil in prison.

Truly I am sorry to worry you; probably without basis. I will share more with you when it is written over the next few days.

Loving you and profoundly blessed by your love, Start

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