Monday, February 19, 2007

Darfur Genocide: We abandoned Anne Frank too

A family history like too many others
International Herald Tribune, France - Feb 18, 2007
As soon as I read last week about the discovery of the desperate, faded letters written by Anne Frank's father, I knew my mother would call. ...

The Darfur Genocide (preventing another Holocaust, sob, sob) is being used for what besides License for Zionist Nazism in Palestine? Oh yes, we Christians use Darfur "activism" (ha!) for lots of sanctimonious self righteousness for the crumbs we drop Darfur's way, too.

I'll be labeled antisemitic and heretic for this I'm sure. In front of God I am now wondering if the most heinous antisemitism is the perverse abuse of the Holocaust as a shield for any and all heinous Zionist atrocities on others in the middle east by Israel. Why do I think this? Millions and millions of dollars are spent allegedly to promote "Never Again" but we have not moved one inch closer to "Never Again." Apparently the money has be used for a more sinister purpose. The money spent allegedly on "Never Again" has done nothing to Save Darfur.

Blatant Hypocrisy. Hey, why should Jews be any less hypocritical than my faith tradition, "Christianity?" We self proclaimed "Christians" too heinously use Jesus solely to give us a false self-righteousness to rape, plunder and pillage plant earth and all His children.

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