Sunday, February 11, 2007


From Spotlight: Darkness in Darfur 10 Feb 2007 JESSICA LIM :

"Fighting the searing pain in her eyes caused by the tear gas, humanitarian aid worker Mathina Mydin worked frantically amid cries of pain and gunshots. The only other foreign NGO had cleared out earlier that morning after being threatened. Mathina was the only foreign aid worker remaining at camp. One of the patients that she can recall clearly is Zenab Abdulla Rahaman and her son Abdulla Halim, 8. "She had watched her husband's throat slit in an earlier attack. That night, she was assaulted. She was so fearful for her son," said Mathina, recalling the incident which happened over two years ago....

MATHINA: "Where are our human values? I appeal to the humanity in man to give these people their dignity back."

"For things to happen for the people of Darfur, the world has to have political will."

"What kind of gentle people are these that ask so little, yet teach us so much in return? If you say the value of one life is equal to another, then yes, I feel most for Darfur."

"There may be no air conditioning and the toilets are scary. "But in comparison, it is a small sacrifice. It's a privilege to have this chance to 'do my worst'."

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