Monday, February 19, 2007

Darfur: A "real" Student STAND

[ Photo is of students during he Anti-Apartheid Student Activism in South Africa.]

There is a horrible inflation among the Darfur "activists." Kristof is among the many that weeps in admiration over cookie drives to end Darfur Genocide.

No. This is what it looks like when students really stand:

The independent daily al-Sudani cited South Kordofan Governor Ismail Khamis Jallab as saying [that] the incident began when secondary school students protested at a strike by teachers who had not been paid their January salaries.
"The protests transformed from demands to destruction," the paper quoted Jallab as saying.
"The students were demanding that the schools be reopened and the teachers paid," the security source told Reuters. [Link to full article below] [NO, I am NOT advocating violence.]

As David Dellinger stated, and as today's Darfur "activists" religiously ignore:

"Histories are written by intellectuals [including non-profits and wealthy college kids], who generally give undue credit to other intellectuals for making history. History is made by people who commit themselves, their lives, and their energies to the struggle."

Student protest turns violent in Sudan's S. Kordofan
19 Feb 2007 14:31:52 GMT

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