Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Darfur Hunger Strike at Sudan Embassy Day 21

It seems that the January 8th arrest for Viggiling for Darfur was "no papered." All morning today was spent going from room to room, District Court, Superior Court... in DC looking for the arraignment location I had been told to be at 9am. No records. No paperwork. No filing. Nothing in the computer of any form that anyone can find.

Tomorrow I expect to resume my final days on planet earth in front of the Sudan Embassy on Hunger Strike for Darfur. The road visibility, drive-by, if fabulous there in Mass. Ave by Dupont Circle. I am there with two Darfur Posters and I meditate/pray, read the Bible or speak to the one or two folks that stop to talk each day.

Thomas and Ellen bring me water each day. They are angels - family - fellow fighters but for slightly different causes.

If an iceberg is bearing down on your town, the only hope to save the town and its inhabitants is to melt the iceberg, and all you have is one match, and there are just a few days left... WHAT DO YOU DO?

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