Thursday, March 22, 2007

Darfur Hunger Strike Day 22: Final farewell

My dear brothers and sisters around the world. As noted below I've been away from the 24 h/day Sudan Embassy Darfur Hunger strike for more than a day now to deal with a wrongful arrest that seems to be dropped. This has given me access to computer that I'll not have on the sidewalk of the Embassy. I expect this is my final goodbye to you as I'll spend what is left of my body trying to thaw el-Bashir's heart on his Embassy sidewalk.

You still don't see it. Saving Darfur is about saving your world. Darfur is a mortal wound on the humanity of your Soul, and the Soul of your global brothers and sisters. Leaving it un-Rescued and un-Restored is bleeding away from you whatever bit of Heart / Humanity / Sanity you've had left in this cesspool / toxic dump of a selfish world.

Your Heart will not survive much more of this. You need to get off of your death-bed now. Draw on your Heart. Through exercise it will regain strength - quickly.

Otherwise, you have once and for all lost planet earth to the end times. You will give Living Hell to your children.

May God help you.

Your loving brother forever, Start Loving

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