Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Darfur Hunger Strike Day 20

This is my first night not at the embassy since the 13th. I am tonight with friends so I can be at what I'm told is an arraignment for the heinous arrest at the White House by an out of his mind, bully police officer. My religion, Loving, my Master being Jesus forbids going to "Law." I am not going for the purpose of winning or losing, but rather to talk to my brother an try to bring him to his senses.

I find the Sudan Embassy Darfur Hunger Strike to the Death to be utterly right, and utterly sacred. Someone has got to start the giving-our-lives for our Darfur family. I am overjoyed to try. Because of the sacred nature of this campaign I was going to blow off this date, but then I could be picked up and jailed for blowing it off. I hope this is just an arraignment tomorrow. If not I expect my demise to be greatly accelerated. They would force feed me in prison to stop the hunger strike. But through noncopperation with the evil of their inhumane treatment I'd probable wind up in solitary for a week and by discontinuing liquids I can carry the strike through to completion as I've promised my brother el-Bashir that I would.

If all goes well tomorrow morning I expect to be back at the Embassy 24/7 on the Darfur Hunger Strike until my heart stops somewhere's around 20-40 days from now.

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