Friday, September 29, 2006

>> About this Blog.

[20% complete. Please check back by Tuesday, October 3, 2006! Better yet, PLEASE HELP!]

Contact us: OR use the "Comments" link at the bottom of every page. We will hear you. We will listen. We will get back to you rapidly. We will be grateful for all well intentioned input, suggestions, contributions, criticism, objections....

About us: We are a group of Darfur activists committed to raising a squad of highly visible Heroes for Darfur. We range in age from young to old, full time activist to part time.

100% Volunteer, $0 Revenue: This site is, and will always be a labor of love for Darfur.

[Please link to and otherwise promote this 100% all volunteer, $0 revenue site. For the good of Darfur. Please. WE MUST MAKE HEROES VISIBLE, SO THAT WE PRODUCE MORE, IN TIME.]

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