Friday, September 29, 2006

>> Dying for Heroes. APPLY HERE. Please. NOW.

Our last chances? Darfur's last chances!
A, B, or D eath:

A. Join / Emulate the Heroes: DARFUR HEROES: WELCOME

B. Join
BRIGADE OF PEACEMAKERS: DARFUR Nothing less than lay-down-our-lives activities will stop a Genocide. WHO BEIEVES OTHERWISE?!!!?!?!?!

D eath. Kill more time and Darfuries with feel good / meaningless / riskless / visionless / HOPELESS / TIME KILLING activities with:

* Genocide Intervention Network- 10 ACTION STEPS
* plans?
* plans?
* plans? // TIME TO PROTECT plans.


Roastedpeanut said...

Right On!

Start Loving ... WAGE Love OR die (no 3rd option) said...

Sadly, dear friend, when I posted this 2 years ago I was right; although ANY blind person that WANTED to see the truth back then, or now, COULD AND WOULD HAVE SEEN IT.

Since then the "save Darfur" movement has done nothing EXCEPT: Make a nice, self-righteous, "life" for themselves; and KILL TIME (therefore Darfuries.)

I've moved my full time, lay-down-my-life activism to more directly confront the spirit of Empire that is destroying Darfur's planet.