Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nathan Kleinman. HUNGER STRIKE.

[20% complete. Please check back by Tuesday, October 3, 2006! Better yet, PLEASE HELP!]

Hunger Strike for Darfur ... June 30, 2005, Nathan Kleinman began a hunger strike to raise awareness of the ... Nate, "Hell, even Fox News") and let them know that there has been a hunger .

... length of time for Nate Kleinman's hunger strike to call attention to the situation in Darfur. ... Nate Kleinman , a former Georgetown University student,

PrawfsBlawg: Why Nate Kleinman Is Hungry
... (Nate) Kleinman, a recent Georgetown (SFS) grad, has been on a hunger strike to ... links to weblogs that reference Why Nate Kleinman Is Hungry: Comments ...

Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community
... response to the genocide, Nate Kleinman of Pennsylvania undertook a 12 ... Re: Hunger Strike Outside the White House (none / 0) ...

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