Friday, September 29, 2006

>> Why this site?

More than any other factor - DARFUR is DYING FOR [VISIBLE] HEROES. Much has been written on this. Please consider the following:
* SEPT 17TH ACTIVISM: AWESOME! BUT NOT STOPPING GENOCIDE IN DARFUR. This post explores explores that although activism so far has contributed greately, THE GENOCIDE WILL NOT STOP without the emergence of visible heroes, no matter what else we do!
* WE ARE TALKING DARFUR TO DEATH. In short, words are cheap, action is dear. This is why Actions speak louder than Words. So far we are whispering to stop a genocide. TIME TO SHOUT.
* JOIN UP, JOIN IN: Be a real Hero. RESCUE DARFUR FAST. Find other opportunties to contribute at Heroes Wanted. APPLY HERE. Please. NOW.

[Please link to and otherwise promote this 100% all volunteer, $0 revenue site. For the good of Darfur. Please. WE MUST MAKE HEROES VISIBLE, SO THAT WE PRODUCE MORE, IN TIME.]

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