Friday, September 29, 2006

>> Who Qualifies as a Darfur Hero?

[20% complete. Please check back by Tuesday, October 3, 2006! Better yet, PLEASE HELP!]

Who knows? But for this site, we have to decide and in doing so we consider:
* Suggestions, input, information, facts, articles from YOU.
* We will include every and any individual(s) that we learn of who, IF LOOSELY EMULATED by many could cause the Genocide to stop, now. This is not a "participants" site. This is a "HEROES" site.
* Measuring up favorably to the Holocaust Rescuers. There were only 3 from the United States. Two of them were just awarded plaques a the USHMM, posthumously. More at WASHINGTON POST: COUPLE WHO FOUGHT GENOCIDE; & OTHER NEWS. ALSO: Not primarily for compensation.
* Dr. King and Gandhi unleashed unimaginable force through "undeserved suffering." Heroes sacrifice. "Love cannot resist acting in the face of suffering," said Teresa of Calcutta. Heroes love. Heroes sacrifice, because they cannot resist doing so in the face of Genocide.
* Love is measured not by how much you give, but by how much you have left.
* Major "skin in the game."
* Major contribution toward ENDING DARFUR GENOCIDE NOW.

[Please link to this 100% all volunteer, $0 revenue site. For the good of Darfur. Please. WE MUST MAKE HEROES VISIBLE, SO THAT WE PRODUCE MORE, IN TIME.]


Stacia Rubinovich said...

Please add Senator Romeo A. Dallaire from Canada to your "heros" list. He has been a devoted and unceasing supporter. When there were no organizing committees for the Global Day for Darfur in Canada, he worked through contacts and put together groups of activists in cities across the country. He volunteered his Research Assistant as a member of the organizing committee, he donated money from his own pocket to fund expenses, he fielded media calls and accepted interviews at all hours, he was keynote speaker at the Toronto rally. and what's most important is he inspires others to action.


Rosemary said...

That's wonderful, Stacie. Is he on a hunger strike?