Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DARFUR HERO: Mary Rachel Fast-Till-Genocide-Stops

A.Mary Rachel
B.Mid 20s, married, Catholic, retail store manager
C.Cherry Hill, NJ

"I always believed if I were faced with the Holocaust in my lifetime, I would take a stand and try to stop it. Today, I am faced with the Genocide in Darfur and
I must stand. Although a small effort, this fast connects me to my family in Darfur and it may be the loudest way I can fight this atrocity."

"During the fast, I will be maintaining a caloric level similar to what is provided in the refugee camps aid workers can reach in Darfur and Chad (about 1000 calories."

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Rosemary said...

God bless you, sister. He sees your efforts, and they are not without success. He see all of efforts.

I just pray we could attract enough people as they had at Jerico! Not a hand was struck, not a stone was thrown, but that wall came tumbling down.

May God bless Darfur with the same mercy.