Wednesday, October 04, 2006

DARFUR HEROES: Wash. State U. Encampment

For one week, these members of Students Taking Action Now: Darfur with Social Responsibility and the Progressive Students Union have lived in tents on the mall, maintaining a strict diet of rice and beans and neglecting basic comforts such as bathing...

Participants in Five for Five say they are glad WSU students are learning about Darfur.
“We definitely achieved our goal of awareness,” said Brittany Magnusson, a junior computer science major and webmaster for STAND with Social Responsibility. “We no longer have people coming up to us and asking who Darfur is. They actually know where it is...

Margaret Singbeil, president of STAND with Social Responsibility, said she hopes the situation in Darfur will achieve peace so STAND won’t still be a student group by next year.

More than a campout
Students head home after week
Monique LeTourneau
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The Daily Evergreen
Published: 09/29/2006

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