Tuesday, October 24, 2006

DARFUR: Round-The-Clock DC Vigil Resumes - Soon

Oct 25th, 2006: Well, that is what I expected when I posted this blog yesterday (below). In the meantime my family (no, no blood relation :-) ) has said that I can be of particular service to them at this time in their business. I could not have done what I have for Darfur in the last 5 months without them. They may be the closest I will ever come to a Church. They may be closer than almost anyone comes to a Church. The nurture me and, as they are part of me, my flesh and blood, I must nurture them, as part of me. Otherwise I have no strength for Darfur, Haiti, Katrina, Cuba, AIDS in Africa, Congo, South America, christianity....

I will stay on the Rescue Darfur Fast (today is day 26). I will continue to Blog but much less frequently. I will pray for, and try to be a prayer for, Darfur.
Oct 24, 2006: Yuck! :-(

Tomorrow I expect to resume the round the clock vigil in DC. Yup, it is no longer the nice warm summer months! No longer that nice stream of summer tourists. Frankly, I'm scared and deeply anguished about the whole thing!

But more than wanting to have this "cup" pass, I want to take it. That which seems to be humanity within me will accept nothing less. I see no other way for me to stand as strongly, as unequivocally, as clearly with and for Darfur.

There are several ideas that give me a bit of emotional and intellectual comfort in this:
* Every time in history that there have been substantial social gains people have willingly risked EVERYTHING. When people were unwilling to risk changes did not happen. I believe that this is an absolute fact. Without masses of would-be "rescuers" willing to put it all on the line, Darfur will be another "Again."
* Jesus, the ethical Master I most want to follow risked everything, as did Gandhi, Jesus, King, and Dellinger, Zinn... as are 100,000's of thousands of my brothers and sisters in the military as we speak.
* "Never Again!" I think this is what it means, and I've just this moment grasped the meaning!
For the first time in 2.5 years of being possessed by the Darfur Genocide I think I grasp what "Never Again" means. It means - "Never Again" so few rescuers! "Never Again" so few people that would risk their life, liberty and happiness to stop the atrocity of Genocide! More on this at:
Darfur: Never Again... What? So few "rescuers!!!!"

Your brother, jay
Day 25 of Rescue Darfur Fast

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Rosemary said...

Hello dear. I'm still with you. Just thought you would like to know you have never been alone. :)