Saturday, October 07, 2006

DARFUR: Virulent "inflation" among we "activists"

Dear Jay, I am reading this article over at the Passion of the Present, and itdoesn't seem as if they care about very much about Darfur. It was the Church, not student, that taught people to care. It is the Church, not the masses, that are risking their necks in Darfur, it is the writers and lobbyists and older people who make it possible for the students to miss a day of school to protest. I am reading that the kind of fasting they are doing is giving up one luxery???? What the ****? Then they donate money to a corrupt system??? Why not give it to the aid workers so the people who need it can get food? I am so disgusted. Here I am with my stomach reeling in pain from the RESCUE DARFUR FAST-TIL-IT-STOPS, and all they did was for show??? Pathetic. I want no part of them. That does not mean I am giving up. Don't worry about that. I am just writing to let you know how angry and disappointed I am. That's all. Your sister, ....

Dear Sister,

The extent of our sickness in our society is beyond extreme dear sister. It makes me think of Jesus outrage in the Temple, flipping over the tables of we, His brothers and sisters, trying one last time to shock us out of our incredible hypocrisy, our bottomless selfishness, our profound spiritual death. We must be an antidote of selfless giving, extreme service.

There is an insidious, virulent type of "inflation" going on among "activists" for change. As you see at passionofthepresent, we want to elevate "token," really blasphemous efforts like a one day fast from "luxuries" to the level of appropriate response, SUFFICIENT response. This is EXACTLY the type of hypocrisy that most outraged Jesus. We've learned nothing. Why blasphemous? To say that the price of 4 million Darfurie lives is college-kids-abstaining-from-one-day-of-luxuries? This is a moral outrage of monumental proportions.

Now, of course your response and mine to this must not be a distancing type of "judgment" from the clinically "sick" inhumanity being displayed by our actionless Darfur Voyeurism of we brothers and sisters. We must feel the extreme pain-of-deadness associated with such "sickness" within our brothers and sisters. In feeling the pain of their deadness, we can find even more fuel, even more energy for our efforts to be an antidote.

I am thankful for you, and grateful because of you dear sister, jay
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Rosemary said...

Thank you. Would you mind correcting my spelling errors? lol.

I was so heart broken. They made it sound as if the students were the only ones who participated!

You know I did not want recognition. This is not my complaint. My complaint is that the celebs only gave up flying in a jet for the day or some other luxury. Then they gave that money to the AU!

What??? What about our brothers and sisters who are dropping dead before our eyes because they have no food? It makes me want to cry. Oh darn. There I go again.