Sunday, October 08, 2006

DARFUR HERO: Salopek. Admire? Ogle? EMULATE!

Profile in Darfur Heroism, courage, humanity: "...During my last night in the ghost house in El Fasher [Darfur], I endured my longest interrogation at the hands of an army colonel named Abdallah. He grilled me for nearly six hours, bludgeoning me robotically with accusations of espionage, absurd charges that I knew even he didn't believe. At 1 a.m. he finally played the good cop, and asked if I had any questions of my own. I did. I wanted to know the fate of Darfur.

"More war [for Darfur]," he said without hesitation. He stared hard down at his desk.

After days of lies and mind games, these were the first honest words that escaped his lips."

Do we become heroic reporters? We become heroic antiviolent fighters of genocide. Heroic. HEROIC! Now. To save Darfur. To save ourselves, our Life.

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Scary Darfur story
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Jailed for 34 days, Tribune reporter writes: What I saw in Darfur Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune/National Geographic journalist Paul Salopek was captured and held by various groups in Sudan

Jailed for 34 days, Tribune reporter writes: What I saw in Darfur Humanitarian catastrophe poised to grow worse in weeks ahead By Paul SalopekTribune foreign correspondentPublished October 8, 2006


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