Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DARFUR: We-citizens "kill" Darfur with our kindness

Our actions must speak louder than our words.

During my two years Masters Degree study of psychology one of the more useful concepts I encountered was that of the "double bind." This is understood to be one of the most mentally and spiritual destructive conditions to which the human being can be subjected.

The "double bind" is exemplified by the lust-filled father telling his daughter while he is abusing her, "I love you." The "double bind" crushes and destroys the spirit, the conscience, the "still small voice within" if anything can.

Darfur: We-the-citizens "kill" Darfur with our "Kindness." We-citizens want to believe that our token efforts are better than nothing - a letter here, a phone call there, one day without luxuries.... But this is not true.

Unless we actually behave with sufficient commitment, with sufficient sacrifice-of-our-selfishness-in-the-face-of-genocide we are authors of the killing double bind: "Darfur is Genocide!... I'll take my steak medium rare please, and no onions! And, please hurry our order, we are going to be late for the movie...." As such authors we kill consciene in ourselves and in those around us. Conscience, our conscience is the only hope that family Darfur has. We must raise conscience not kill it.

Our actions must speak louder than our words. Darfur is Genocide. We must have the humanity and courage to be silent, or to act as though it were genocide. In between is the killing double bind.

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