Friday, October 06, 2006


My dear Sisters and Brothers joining the RESCUE DARFUR FAST-UNTIL-IT-STOPS,

I can't recall personally touching anything before in my life as Holy, as Sacred as you joining the Rescue Darfur Fast. I am quite overwhelmed, in a state of stunned awe, reverence, and utter humility in your presence. The brilliance of your humanity, compassion, courage, faith, Heart, Love... it is Jesus. It is Love. It IS Jesus, in our midst. Blinding. Magnificent. An ultimate Bliss.

We are alone; so far, and it will probably stay that way. Yes, only our Father knows. Selfless acts such as yours ARE the raw material, the ONLY raw material from which He fashions Miracles. Only we can determine our actions. Only our Father can determine what happens from them. You ARE now the Prayer.

I have been alone in a substantial sense for a long time, so it has given me much time to think about the solitary fight. Much of what I have learned about the solitary fight I have emailed to you or posted over the last weeks. But things (below) I will share now that for me, are among my greatest treasures [please, I do NOT assume the following will help you. But it does help me.]:

* There is an often said phrase in what calls itself the church: "Our Father does not call us to be successful. Our Father calls us to be faithful." Now, this is a Terrible, WONDERFUL TRUTH. Terrible because, as you are doing, when we submit to - our Father's will / our Conscience / The Still Small Voice within / The Kingdom of God Within Us / OUR sense of Justice / OUR Humanity / our Compassion... we submit to the most overwhelming task master; far more demanding than Mammon / our market economy / our lusts / fears / desires / social pressures / social norms / the expectations of others / the demands of others / the vision of others.... WONDERFUL because our Father is Life, IS - LIFE. Being Faithful IS TO PARTICIPATE SIGNIFICANTLY IN THE FLOW OF LIFE - is to BE LIFE, is the only way to EXPERIENCE LIFE. The reward is INFINITE Joy / Peace / Love / Life. Our bodies / nervous systems can respond no other way. This Bliss is His Promise, IF we do His will OUT OF Love. So is the agony of Darfur in our hearts something we can be certain of. That will be in our hearts too. So are the hunger pains and physical sufferings we will endure. The Agony and the Ecstasy are ALWAYS together, just like "fire" and "fuel" are always together. The Agony of our neediest brothers and sisters IS the fuel of Life / Love / Joy.... Life/Bliss/Joy/Love/Joy are the "flame" that are released with consuming that fuel. (Oh I wish everyone know this. Hmmm. You are giving others the chance to see. You are the Seeds, the Salt, the Light, the Disciples.)

* To do as you have done, to submit to our Father's will, is to be the Salt, the Light that Jesus talked about. There IS NO OTHER SERVICE. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO HELP THE WORLD. Not legislation Not food. Not housing. Not policies. Not donated $ millions.(although ALL of these would be ultimate outcomes)... Trying-out-of-Love IS the work, the ONLY work, and the Hope. Jesus great follower and admirer Gandhi said, "Full effort is full success." This is what he meant. There is nothing, NOTHING beyond BEING Conscience in action, being Love / our Father's will / Humanity IN ACTION, that can bring Life / end Suffering; in the same way that only "air" enables people to breath; and only Light that enables us see the Way. When the likes of St. Katherine Drexel, or Teresa of Calcutta tell us that acting out of Love is what matters, not "doing the right thing," "being successful," "achieving the result"... this s what they meant.

May our Father bless your Hearts with infinite Joy, Peace and Love for what you are doing.

Our family Darfur weeps with overwhelming Joy, Comfort, Hope, Relief and Love at your courageous embarkation on Rescue Darfur Fast.

Your Loving brother, jay

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